We had the pleasure recently to sit down with the stunning Shay Laren and ask her a few questions.

Some Quick Facts About Shay Laren

Stage Name(s): Shay Laren
Age: 25
DOB: 12-31-1985
Measurements: 36 26 34
Hometown: Kona, Hawaii

Quick Questions with Shay Laren

Do you have any pets?

Shay Laren: A chow chow mix I just found at the local shelter. His name is Oso (Spanish for Bear)

What’s on your current playlist?

Shay Laren:My Playlist is always changing but always has The Cure, The National, and Radio Head.

Favourite movie of all time?

Shay Laren: Way too hard. I guess all Wes Anderson movies.

Favourite vacation spot?

Shay Laren:Thailand!!!

What’s your favourite place in the world?

Shay Laren: My bed.

3 things that are typical about you?

Shay Laren: Hm. I eat a lot of soup, I drink a lot of wine, and I masturbate frequently. If I wrote a book it would  be about those things.

What’s your favourite pastime?

Shay Laren: Being spanked.

Are you a party girl or do you just prefer to kick back?

Shay Laren: I have both sides to me.

Turn Ons and Turn Offs?

Shay Laren: Turns ons – nipple play turn offs – annoying people

Do you ever get recognized while you are out living your regular life?:

Shay Laren: I’ve been recognized while waiting for the bathroom on a plane. Awkward.

What’s your favourite part of your own body?

Shay Laren: My nipples but I guess they probably think I hate them bc I’m always asking people to bite/pinch/ and slap them. Hey Nipples! I do it bc I love you!

What’s good sex to you?

Shay Laren: Most sex is good sex to me. Angry sex is great sex to me.

What does a guy have to do to get in your pants?

Shay Laren:Have a penis and say something funny.

What’s the weirdest place you ever had sex?

Shay Laren: My high school boyfriend moms jacuzzi tub that was in the middle of her huge bedroom. She walked in on us while trying to serve us refreshments. We declined the lemonade and finished.

Tell us about your craziest sexual experience?

Shay Laren: All girl foursome. Penthouse Models. Overseas. That’s all I’ll say…..wait, double sided dildo. Ok now that’s all I say.

Do you like sex toys, if so what’s your favourite toy?

Shay Laren: I prefer the real thing or my fingers but “The Egg” is nice.

Do you fuck on the first date?

Shay Laren: Sometimes. Who doesn’t?

How did you lose your virginity?

Shay Laren: Backseat of a car in orange groves

What’s your preferred pubic style?

Shay Laren: Landing strip

What’s your sexual preference in private – men, women or both?

Shay Laren: Both

Have you ever dated someone off the internet?

Shay Laren: I once dated a guy I met from Facebook who confessed later on to be a fan of mine before we met.

Do you like to watch porn yourself and if so what’s your favourite niche?

Shay Laren: I do but only in hotels in Europe. Weird/awesome porn there.

When and how did you decide to work in the adult business?

Shay Laren: Penthouse model approached me in Maui. I said “ok” and here I am. 🙂

Tell us about your first scene, were you nervous?

Shay Laren: I’ve only done solo masturbation scenes. I was crazy nervous.

Does your family know what you do? and if yes do they support your decision to work in adult?

Shay Laren: Yes and yes

To date who was the best sexual partner you ever had?

Shay Laren: The person I’m currently sleeping with. That question is really personal.

Is there any model you want to work with that you haven’t already?

Shay Laren: Sure, I’ve worked with but yet to shoot with Heather Vandeven.

What was the weirdest request you had to do on set? and did you do it?

Shay Laren: To shoot a car wash scene when it was 60 degrees and windy outside….and no that photog was an ass for asking.

Do you have real orgasms when shooting a scene?

Shay Laren:My masturbation scenes….I would say 90%. Sometimes you get distracted.

Do you enjoy watching your own scenes?

Shay Laren: I don’t like to see myself on camera. It freaks me out but I don’t do them for me I do it for the fans. So I just hope they enjoy it.

Do you have any unexplored sexual fantasies, if so can you tell us about it?

Shay Laren: I’ve never been with 2 men but it’s not a big deal to me. Just something in the back of my head.

What’s the best thing about working in the adult business?

Shay Laren: Flexibility. Travel. Playing dress up.

Where do you see yourself 5, 10 or even 15 years from now? Any outside ambitions or do you still want to be involved in this business somehow, someway?

Shay Laren: I love to cook so I’ll probably be doing that.

Can you share a deep dark secret for all the fans?

Shay Laren: I worked as a carny before Penthouse. My act was called the man eating bearded clam.

Want to say something to all your fans and the readers of our blog?

Shay Laren: Please follow me @shaylaren on Twitter and

Any Regrets?

Shay Laren: Never. Regrets are mistakes you haven’t learned from.

3 thoughts on “Interview”

  1. resrui says:

    awesome…i like u

  2. Ccc says:

    i really want to see you get fucked by a real big cock!!!
    why is it that you don’t shoot porn scene like that?
    btw i’m a huge fan of yours:)

  3. sandy says:

    Hey Shay I want to see ur peeing video

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